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researching what materials want to become



Coming soon


ESC workshop

We map the current uses of the mycelium, the growth and preparation process, and the coloring and patterning potential of the material...


Coming soon


ESC workshop

We map the current uses of kombucha, the growth and production process, the coloring and patterning potential of the material...


Coming soon


Participants will first learn more about organic bioplastics as a specific topic in design engineering...

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Coming soon

Botanical dyeing

The aim of the workshop is to give participants an idea of textile dyeing methods using botanical dyes...

"When we talk about sustainability in the fashion and design industry - and we need to talk about it a lot - I believe in two things: one is circulation and the other is material innovation. That's why I was curious about the workshop at Szimbio Lab. Szandra and Dóra brought us closer to the future, in theory and in practice, as a solution to replace some of the synthetic and polluting materials. During the Ruhastory shoots, alternative materials, including leather, are mentioned several times, and it's quite mysterious that right now, mushroom leather is growing in a jar in my kitchen. Thank you for the knowledge and the unique experience of making these special materials, maybe in a few years we will see these materials in the showrooms of shoe and bag designers!"

Anita Korn, Founder of Ruhastory

About us

The aim of the lab is biodesign education and sustainable material research. 


We are designers who are passionate about finding new methodologies and approaches of creating products and systems in symbiosis and cooperation with nature. We have a common background which is commitment to sustainability and innovation and we also have different specializations like textile, biology, digital design and manufacturing.


We believe that knowledge sharing causes effective progression and democratic dialogues create emerging  innovation trends. So we are glad to share our knowledge and welcome yours in order to steer design together in a more sustainable and ethical path.


Alexandra Kis-Baraksó

biomaterial researcher

industrial design engineer / interior architect

founder of Manera Studio

Dóri Márföldi

textile designer

biomaterial researcher, bio artworks

assistant lecturer at METU Textile 

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Fanni Huszár

fashion designer specialized in digital design

project manager

founder of Dress-Coding project



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