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Educational programme for 2022 supported by the European Solidarity Corps and the Textile Technical and Scientific Association

Our education programme for 2022 is supported by the European Solidarity Corps and the Textile Technical and Scientific Association. Our aim is to make knowledge and experience about biodesign and sustainable, organic design more widely available. We have the impression that there is not enough substantive information being shared on this topic, so we think it is important to contribute to the promotion of the local discourse on organic design. Our goal is to use innovative methods and methodologies to share educational content with the participants of the programme, which, in addition to the importance of organic design, also highlights the relevance of social responsibility for sustainability.

During the programme, ten workshops will engage participants in an exploration of sustainable thinking and design. The themes of the sessions will be based around sustainable, organic design. These will include growable raw materials (kombucha, mycelium), bioplastics made from primary waste by cooking and different plant dyeing processes (ecodye, ecoprint). Each workshop will include both theoretical and practical knowledge sharing, giving participants an active, hands-on experience of what sustainable design is all about. In addition to the workshops, field trips are organised where participants can gain experience of how sustainable design models work in real market situations.

The primary target group for the education programme is young people in vocational education and higher education. The main focus will be on girls/women aged 16 to 35 who are open to sustainable design and lifestyles and who are not able to attend similar workshops due to their limited financial possibilities. For this reason, all sessions of the programme are free of charge. The topics have been structured in such a way that they can be understood, assimilated and incorporated into one's own work and way of thinking without any previous knowledge.

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